Words from Eccentric Jay


If you could come up with a version of your prefect kind of guy and a perfect relationship what would yours be?
To me the perfect guy would be first off, a lover of God first and foremost
Chemistry plays a major roll with me, even though I’ve talk to plenty that I had completely no chemistry with.
Once I’ve come across someone who can spark my interest just off feeling alone, I start to the “getting to know you” process. It’s sounds so technical which it is to a certain extent.
Besides chemistry you have to be compatible i.e. morally, personality and things of that nature
I want someone who has goals, dreams and ambitions. Someone who is compassionate and able to express his feeling w/o sounding like and unstable female.
A sense of adventure and growth is always a plus
A sense of family; selflessness, unconditional love; a man who can be a man but who when I need him is also able to be my friend.
Someone I can trust with my inner most feelings and thoughts, hurts and pains.
A person who genuinely can take me as I am and truly mean it. A person who knows that I may have came into the relationship one way but knows that’s I won’t stay that person.
Most of all a man who can fully penetrate who I am and I fully feel free to let him. I would love to let the Berlin Wall crash but its work.
I hope to run into the man of my dreams. I just pray I’m able to recognize him. Im busting at the seems to be able to let go of this M&M shell
Does he exist?

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