True Happiness (Love or Money?)

True Happiness (Love or Money?)

untitledAs human beings, it’s in our nature to fulfill living our lives to its fullest potential. By doing so, we strive to obtain things that bring us comfort, stability and happiness. No matter how hard we may disagree, we all want these things in our lives. Why? because it makes us feel a sense of self-worth, achievement and fulfillment. Some may say that money is the main source of their comfort, stability and happiness. On the other hand, some say that love is their main source of comfort, stability and happiness. So the burning question is, which is more important?

We all depend on money because it plays a role in our means of living. We need money for anything and everything that we need such as a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs and of course the things that bring us comfort. If there isn’t any money, then these things can be difficult to come by and can bring a strain to their means of survival, which may lead them down a path to a stressful and troublesome life.  Contrary, those who have more money may live a carefree lifestyle with more freedom. For those who may have little to no money, things for them are very limited. They aren’t always able to get what they desire, or sadly need. For those who have more money can live more abundantly, freely and things for them are limitless. However, who is to say one is happier than the other? In some cases, it’s the most wealthiest that are usually more miserable due to the fact that finding companionship/friendship may be difficult because of their wealth.

When it comes to love, it’s something that can’t be bought. Just like money, it’s something we all want and need. Love is something that is needed from birth in order for us to grow, appreciate and respect one another. Love comes in different forms; a love from a parent to a child, family member, significant other and the love for ourselves. For some when they find love, it makes them feel complete and brings a sense of happiness. Religiously speaking,  a women in a mans life plays a role in their sense of completeness, hints that a women was made out of a mans flesh [ribs] and when they are married, that flesh becomes one (Genesis 2:22-24). In addition, this is why we tend to seek for love, not knowing that subconsciously,  what we are seeking for is that completeness.  Also, love unlike money, love will never go away. When you truly love someone, that’s something that is permanent. Money will come and money will go, but sometimes love is always there to stay. When you’re lonely, you can’t curl up next to money. When you’re sad, money can’t wipe your tears. However, when love does fail, money comes into play to override the hurt that one may feel such as to go out shopping as a sense of mental therapy.

So which one is the true source of happiness?

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