New On the Block: “Triphorz”

New On the Block: “Triphorz”

393517_469324373099699_1053872292_nI am fan of supporting a good hustle and good music, so I wanted to share this with others as well. Triphorz is a group of young producers from Florida who consist of Audi-O, L.B, and aliynman. This track is called “Instagram” which has a sexy club banger feel to it, which I am sure will be a hit when it hits the streets. This track was written and performed by Audio featuring another Florida artist E-Lo “The Champ”. If cant get enough, which I am sure you will, this song is available on ITunes, Amazon and Spotify  as well. Keep doing your thing Triphorz!

Check out the video here!:

Twitter:@Triphorz @Callme_Audi @Ibonthetrack @aliynman

Instagram: @Callmeaudi @Ibonthetrack @aliynman

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