Make a statement with your outfit with this years Spring colors! [Mens & Women]

Make a statement with your outfit with this years Spring colors! [Mens & Women]

It’s time that of the year again, Spring is here! And that means spring cleaning, out with the old in with the new. To help bring life into your closet this season, here are the Spring 2013 colors for men and women.

PANTONE_SPRING_2013_MENMen: (above) It’s time to throw “swag” out the window this year and jump into style and class. You can still keep it, cheap and simple with these colors. Also, these colors are not hard to find and you probably have them already in your closet. Just like the ladies, guys can accessories as well, if you do it properly. If have a more laid back style, plain V-neck tee’s in these colors would  match up well with Khakis, nice sneakers or loafers. If your that dress to impress kind of guy, you can find a dark color blazer from the color choices and match it up with a button up or to dress it down a bit with a plain Tee.

untitled (2)Women: (above) These colors are your typical bright spring/summer colors with just a little flair. These colors are easy to accessories with and can turn a dull outfit, to a trendy one. You can add a splash of color with a nice pair of shoes, since shoes is the statement to your outfit these year. Also, jeans in these colors will make a bold statement too. Who said these color only pertain to clothes? Make a statement with you nails as well.

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