Words from Eccentric Jay


If you could come up with a version of your prefect kind of guy and a perfect relationship what would yours be?
To me the perfect guy would be first off, a lover of God first and foremost
Chemistry plays a major roll with me, even though I’ve talk to plenty that I had completely no chemistry with.
Once I’ve come across someone who can spark my interest just off feeling alone, I start to the “getting to know you” process. It’s sounds so technical which it is to a certain extent.
Besides chemistry you have to be compatible i.e. morally, personality and things of that nature
I want someone who has goals, dreams and ambitions. Someone who is compassionate and able to express his feeling w/o sounding like and unstable female.
A sense of adventure and growth is always a plus
A sense of family; selflessness, unconditional love; a man who can be a man but who when I need him is also able to be my friend.
Someone I can trust with my inner most feelings and thoughts, hurts and pains.
A person who genuinely can take me as I am and truly mean it. A person who knows that I may have came into the relationship one way but knows that’s I won’t stay that person.
Most of all a man who can fully penetrate who I am and I fully feel free to let him. I would love to let the Berlin Wall crash but its work.
I hope to run into the man of my dreams. I just pray I’m able to recognize him. Im busting at the seems to be able to let go of this M&M shell
Does he exist?

We Have To Do Better

We Have To Do Better

When I first decided that I wanted to go viral, I brainstormed a few ideas of exactly want I wanted to do, and want substance I wanted the site to have. At first, I wanted to do a website for young girls and there a few reasons why I was going to go with this particular idea. One, I feel that as young girls in today’s society, we go through a lot. We face self esteem issues, boys, hormones, body image and lastly there are the labels on what we should be and what we shouldn’t be. When it comes to body image, there are so many screwed definitions on what exactly beauty really is and that’s skinny, flat stomach, long hair, roundness from behind and a nice rack. But we all know, not every one looks this way, so if your not that, your not considered into societies “beautiful”. Some women even take it so far as to go and receive plastic surgery to “fit” into what should be. I am personally against plastic surgery, unless it’s for health reasons. But if want to get a procedure to just “fit” into the beautiful box that society has made, well, that’s your choice. I feel that we all made in different shapes and sizes for different reasons, if we were all made into look like Barbie dolls, we will end up like them – lifeless, plastic and boring with the same fake smiles. Now me, I am a petite girl, and I am proud of it. Some people tell me “Oh, you need to eat”, No. The only thing I need to do is stay black and die. Secondly, It just baffles me that as women and young girls, not only are we battling everyday life, we are battling with one another. Even as women of color, we should be uplifting each other, considering the fact that we go through enough with being the most popular race to be stereotyped anyway, why do we need to break each other down? Why are we battling each other with the “who has the most expensive weave in their hair” or “who’s badder” than the other. We even fight each if we have the same outfit on! There is nothing wrong with complimenting each other, give props where props is due.

Twerk-Team-2Also, there’s these “twerkin” videos. I understand you want to show of your talents, but that just goes back to the saying of “lady in streets, freak in the sheets”. What you know how to do, should be between you and your man. You may think that you are showing of your “talents”, but what you are really doing is showing off your lack of self respect (ouch, sorry). What some fail to realize is that what you put out there on the internet, especially videos, it’s out there for good. There is no getting them back. You may not think about it now, but what about when you get older and you need a job. Since the internet has become so popular today, a lot of employers look you up. And guess what they will see when they type in your name? That’s right.

If you want more respect, you have to carry yourself in such matter. Little do we realize, we do have little girls growing up looking up to us. We have to strive to be the next Michelle Obama instead of the next Nicki Minaj or the best video vixen. You have to start gaining more self respect for ourselves and maybe our Black men will start respecting us just a little more. We can’t walk around and call ourselves and our girlfriends “bitches” and “hoes”, but when a man does it, we want to cut’em. No, If you advertise it, don’t get mad at the response.

Welcome & Happy New Year!

Welcome & Happy New Year!

33Now that 2012 has come and gone, we welcome 2013 and not only that, my new blog website, “Be.U!” So for me, there’s a couple of things can I celebrate about. I decided that today would be the perfect today to launch my blog (for obvious reasons) and that this well be my year. Usually I embark on the tradition of a New Years Resolution, but this year I’ve decided that instead of “Resolution’s”, I will have my 2013 goals. I have accomplished one of my goals and that’s to do something within my field of study-journalism. They say if you want something, you have to take the steps to do it, so this is my step into pursuing what I love to do. I admit, I stop writing for a long time, I can’t really tell you why because I don’t know myself. But I was thinking one day and I noticed I stop doing the things that I loved to do, and one of those things was writing, a long with various of other things such as drawing and playing the piano (which I am thinking of starting back and getting some lesson). So, this is why you see this blog today. My other goal for 2013 is to finish school. For those who know me and those who keep in close contact with me, know that this school thing as been a very long and tedious journey for me. It’s not because I have some form a learning disability or anything, it’s just that obstacles just somehow formed right into my path of finishing. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another, then another, then another…and oh wait…then another. When people ask me about school, I tell them “it’s going good”. Short and sweet. But what I really what to tell them is “you might want to pull up a chair”. 39Anyhow, the moral to the story is- I didn’t give up and I will be graduating in May, another thing I am celebrating about. Other than that, that really completes my New Year’s “goals” other than your typical “to stay healthy and get in shape” (not knocking those who are, very good resolutions) but I am more on the petite side and I don’t need to lose weight. I am pretty sure more goals will pop up some way a long the way, but those are my main ones: start back doing what I love to do, and staying focus and finishing school. I don’t think that’s too much to handle, I’ve made through this year and with God on my side, I can make it this year as well as achieve my 2013 goals. So with that being said, I really hope you guys enjoy my blog, browse around and don’t forget to check out my “What’s Up Letter” page. I think it will be pretty interesting and I promise to bring you various of topics for you to read and enjoy and hopefully share. Happy New Year!

Enjoy.Stay Blessed and Be.U!

photos by Nesha Anderson (nesha.anderson@me.com)