Women Aren’t Complicated, Just Misunderstood…

Women Aren’t Complicated, Just Misunderstood…

Complicated (adj.) 1. consisting of parts intricately combined 2. difficult to analyze or explain.

Sentence : ” Some men think that  most women are complicated.”

As human beings, we’re broken down into different species – men and women. Within each species, there are things that are instilled within each to differentiate them into their own. This is called nature. Our nature affects how we interact others, how we handle situations, and the way we live on the day-to-day basics. It also affects our mental, physical and emotional state. It is within a women’s nature to nurture, care deeply for others and to be more in tune with their emotions. For men, it is within their nature to be strong, tough and to be able to provide for the ones whom he cares for. Unlike women, men are not always likely to respond to situations solely off of their emotions because it’s not within their nature  to do so, so their initial response is to react mentally. In a relationship between these two species, this is where conflict may occur.

A man will see a woman as “complicated” due to his nature to not fully comprehend the complexity of a women and her nature. Therefore, the main contribution to the confusion is a man lacking the understanding on how to respond. What makes up the complexity of a woman is her ability of knowing things, which is called a woman’s intuition. This intuition is like a sixth sense of some sort and gives women the ability to sense if something is right or wrong. This intuition could also be a  sense of protection because woman are more vulnerable to be hurt or fooled because of their loving and caring nature. Since some men may not understand this, some women may be seen as “crazy” in a mans perspective, when in reality, it’s a woman’s source of protection.  Another reason why some men may also feel that women are complicated, is the fact that some women cannot express want they really want from a man. Generally speaking, every woman wants a sense of security, love, trust and happiness from a man. The main question a man needs to ask himself is, “Can I provide this for her?” If so, her desires are not hard to be met.

Overall, the key to understanding women and removing the complications that may come with being in a relationship, lays in a mans hands. A man has to have the willingness and urge for wanting to gain understanding. He also has to have an open mind with wanting to expand his knowledge on a woman’s world and her views of the world from her mental, physical and emotional stand point. For a man who doesn’t take this approach, may find himself confused and to believe that the woman has the issue. In some cases, this may be true. However, this will lead a man to think that women are complicated, when in actually, just misunderstood.

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