Set The Mood Right This Valentines Day!

Set The Mood Right This Valentines Day!


With Valentines Day just days away, some may be in a panic in trying to plan the perfect day or finding the right gift for your sweetheart, that say’s “I love you”. Here are a couple of things that may help you make this day perfect for you and your valentine:

Tight Budget:

for your man: It’s true what they say, “A way to a mans heart is through his stomach”. A man loves a home cooked meal, especially from his girlfriend/wife. Find out what his favorite meal(s) are and start cooking! This to a man is more valuable than a gift. If you aren’t married, this well defiantly score you a lot of points. He will appreciate the time, effort and love you put into make him a great dinner.

for your girl: Of course, jewelry and nice things will always win a girl’s heart, but it’s the little things that matters the most. Therefore, make a basket filled up of her favorite things (If you’re not that crafty, find a female friend, relative or your mother to help you out). This will show that you actually listen and pay attention to the things she says.


Music can either make the mood right or totally wrong! here are some good songs that can set the mood just right.

for your man:

  1. Aaliyah- At Your Best
  2. Beyoncé- 1+1
  3. Faith Evans- Never Gonna Let You go
  4. Xscape – Am I Dreamin’
  5. Alicia Keys- That’s When I Knew
  6. Nivea- Complicated
  7. Destiny Child- Cater 2 U
  8. SWV- Rain
  9. Beyoncé- Dangerously In Love
  10. Lauren Hill- Sweetest Thing

for your girl:

  1. Trey Songz – One Love
  2. Joe-I Wanna Know
  3. 112- Cupid
  4. Avant- Read Your Mind
  5. Jamie Foxx- Heaven
  6. Babyface – Everytime I Close My Eyes
  7. Miguel- Adorn
  8. Tyrese- Lately
  9. Robin Thicke- Lost Without You
  10. Dru Hill – Beauty


It’s not Valentines Day without chocolate! This best kind of chocolate to get is Godiva, Ghirardelli or Russell Stoven. Godiva is a very rich and smooth chocolate that literally melts in your mouth. Ghirardelli is also very rich and their chocolate’s have delicious varieties in their chocolate fillings. Godiva may run on the expensive side, but it’s worth the money. If don’t want to spend too much on chocolate, Hersey’s always does the trick.

Places To Go:

If you’re a more outgoing and love the outdoors, try a nice boat ride, miniature golf or a nice walk around the park. If you’re a more laid back couple, just do a simple dinner and a movie. If you don’t feel like going out, get creative and set up the bedroom or the living room nice to give it a nice restaurant feel. This way, it’s a bit more intimate and private.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!:

Of course, it’s not Valentines Day without the perfect nightcap. Guys, if you really want to win your lady over, run a nice bubble bath for her after dinner or feel free to join her. Set nice scented candles are the tub and all around the bathroom. Ladies, our men work hard and a nice massage would be perfect for him. Also, one thing to always remember, wrap it up!

Happy Valentines Day from Be.U!

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