“Is Marriage A Trend?”: Spoken Word by EccentricJay

“Is Marriage A Trend?”: Spoken Word by EccentricJay


I feel..I feel deep to fulfill this need,

You see I have this dead line im trying to beat
At 26 im baby and man free
I laugh because I feel the need to obtain this popular accessory

I mean being wifey and a mother seems to be the trending thing to me

On a deserted island with less than 10 people to join me
The last of a dieing breed it seems to me

The funny thing is I was supposed to be apart of this trending thing you see
Growing up I was destined to be the wild child, or atleast that what was spoke to me

Church folks are the best paparrazi

What happened to Love thy neighbor as thy self??

Scripture right?

Yea that’s what I thought

But the sad thing is some of them are so green on the inside

Such an ugly sickness

But be careful what you speak to others

I was destined to be the “wild’ one
I should had atleast 3 kids by now
But the ones who spoke the words are reaping the words of their tounge

You see this trending thing that’s going on in our society
The whole baby mama, wifey epidemic can only do one thing
And that’s miss me.

– EccentricJay

And The Winner Is……..[Valentines Day Photo Contest]

And The Winner Is……..[Valentines Day Photo Contest]

Our Valentines Day Photo Contest winners are Johnathan and Dominque Carter-Brintley  from Orlando, FL.! I’ve came across a few photos of couples on Valentines Day, but the photo of this couple is too adorable to past up. It shows what love should be – fun! As a couple, it’s important to have fun with each other and just enjoy every moment together to have memories to look back on. This contest is not the only congrats this couple is due – they are expecting their first child! and she truly is glowing!

So congrats to the Brintley’s for winning the first Be.U Valentines Day Photo Contest as well as your little bundle of joy on the way!

Valentines Day Photo Contest!

Valentines Day Photo Contest!


Be. U will be having a Valentines Day Photo Contest! We all know that our social media will be overloaded with so many Valentines Day pictures. Couples will be posting their date night pictures, ladies will show off their outfits and gifts. So, I want to choose the BEST Valentines Day picture and the winning picture will be posted on the blog. I am looking for the most creative Valentines Day photo. For those who are single, don’t worry, you’re not excluded – you can post a photo as well! Here’s what you gotta do:

First follow the blog on instagram, @be_u_blog and tag your photo and use the hashtag #valentinesdaycontest2014. Also, please re-frame from posting anything inappropriate such as nudity, nobody wants to see that. (just being honest) with that being said, have fun!

Be.U is Back! [2014]

Be.U is Back! [2014]


After months, days and years of procrastination and dragging my feet, Be.U is back! I want to first and foremost thank those who motivated me to keep my blog going and just overall the overwhelming positive feedback and support. Since it has been so long and those who may have been wondering, “What happen?” I guess it’s only right to at least keep a long story short and explain the reason for the long hiatus…

When I first started Be.U, I really didn’t have a set direction of what I wanted to blog about, the audience I wanted to target, the overall message and purpose. All I knew was that I wanted to blog and be heard. By me not knowing what I wanted to do, I decided to reach out to my friends and to those who visited my page on what exactly they would like to see on my blog. I received so many different ideas that it was overwhelming and by me not knowing exactly what I wanted to do to begin with, I ended up trying to please everybody and just got completely lost and my mind went blank. So, I decided to pull the plug.

During my hiatus, I had a lot of time to think about my blog and not only that, some self reflection. I just couldn’t live with the fact that I started something, and didn’t finish it. I couldn’t just walk away from something that I created and not give it the chance to flourish and grow into a success. It’s nerve racking to live with “what-if” so why not go for it? Oh yea, that’s right I went through a moment that most people have gone through once in their life – self doubt. I doubted myself from the start of the blog all the way till the end. For those who do that, it’s natural. But I realized it will hold you back from a lot of things. If you doubt your dreams, how will expect anyone else to believe in them?

With that being said, IAM BACK. What you will see on the new Be.U is people doing their thing. Such as those who are doing something positive, striving for success and achieve their goals or dreams. There will be music, fashion and writing that will be showcased, your views as well as my views on various topics, tips, advice and things that people go through on the daily basis. The main thing is here is positivity; the world is already negative enough, so let’s highlight the positive. So, I hope you all enjoy, thank you and don’t forget to always Be.U!

–       Q. T’Lena