“Is Marriage A Trend?”: Spoken Word by EccentricJay

“Is Marriage A Trend?”: Spoken Word by EccentricJay


I feel..I feel deep to fulfill this need,

You see I have this dead line im trying to beat
At 26 im baby and man free
I laugh because I feel the need to obtain this popular accessory

I mean being wifey and a mother seems to be the trending thing to me

On a deserted island with less than 10 people to join me
The last of a dieing breed it seems to me

The funny thing is I was supposed to be apart of this trending thing you see
Growing up I was destined to be the wild child, or atleast that what was spoke to me

Church folks are the best paparrazi

What happened to Love thy neighbor as thy self??

Scripture right?

Yea that’s what I thought

But the sad thing is some of them are so green on the inside

Such an ugly sickness

But be careful what you speak to others

I was destined to be the “wild’ one
I should had atleast 3 kids by now
But the ones who spoke the words are reaping the words of their tounge

You see this trending thing that’s going on in our society
The whole baby mama, wifey epidemic can only do one thing
And that’s miss me.

– EccentricJay

5 thoughts on ““Is Marriage A Trend?”: Spoken Word by EccentricJay

  1. That last line, though – *insert emoji praise hands* I’m 25 and I feel the sme pressure as you. So many women our age have families already! But what’s good about our era is that we don’t have to aspire to only be wives and mothers. Women are branching into everything. I love this spoken word piece, ma’am! *snap, snap, snap*

    1. Same thing I said! This is actually written by my cousin, as you can see she has GREAT work and I had to post to my blog. I felt like a lot of people can relate and especially myself. I am 24 and have been in a relationship for 4 years and feel like the time is ticking! But its only because like you said EVERYONE around me is getting married, have kids and all the works. But I agree we are in a different era that it’s ok for women to be independent and have their own. I am glad you liked it and there will be more spoken word to come! Please share 🙂

  2. This post is so true! ALot of people who went to skool started getting married and having kids at 25 but I’m newly engaged and didn’t feel the need to rush it.

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