Is Love Lost?: This Generation

Is Love Lost?: This Generation

As I was cleaning up my room, I found this article I wrote about 7 years ago and I thought it would be nice to share it with you all.


We all know love has various different meanings there is no definite definition of it. Some may say it’s when you feel strongly about another person, or someone you can’t live without. Why are there so many different ways to describe  love? It all comes down to ones background and the way one is brought up. If one comes from a broken home, love would be hard for them to understand because it has never been shown. For example, back in the grandma and grandpa days, love was understood.  Love was something that was unconditional and a strong bond between two people that become one – something everlasting. Love was respect. And if you kept all those things in mind, you’ll easily find a husband or a wife. But like they say, times change. Love is now misconstructed with lust. Today, young boys are looking for something to do for that night whether than looking for a wife. Young girls are loosing their self respect instead of gaining it. Love today is taken a game rather than a true emotion. Also, the number of teenage pregnancy is dramatically increasing. There are more “baby daddy’s” and “baby mommas” than there are fiancés, wives or husbands. Then again, look at the society we live in. Men get praised for having more than one sexual female partner while women get slapped with the label “hoe”. Also, the music today plays a role in this generation and the way love is interpreted. There is more, “get you in bed” songs than the feel good fall in love songs. There is no Marvin Gaye’s,  Luther Vandross or Earth, Wind and Fire. Once again, the misconstruction of love and lust. So what else is a young brother growing up is suppose to understand what the true meaning of love is? Most importantly, respect plays a big role in love. Young girls today are trying to find love in all the wrong places, mainly in the bedroom. Respect is earn by not laying on your back, but standing on your won two feet and if a guy doesn’t  respect you, he’s not going to love you. All of this had dawned on me when I was getting my hair done and at the beauty salon and my hairdresser, who’s in her late 60’s, told me about how she felt bad for us young girls today because it would be hard for one to find a husband. Now why would she say such a thing? Because in her days love was understood, women were respected and people took love as true emotion, whether than a game. So in our generation, is love really lost? Now don’t get me wrong, we are not in a “love recession” but the morals and values in our generation is declining and needs to be restored. It’s sad, but true and its reality and its happening. And it’s only up to the young girls and boys in our generation today to step up and break the cycle for generations to come.

Has times really changed?

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