“Is Marriage A Trend?”: Spoken Word by EccentricJay

“Is Marriage A Trend?”: Spoken Word by EccentricJay


I feel..I feel deep to fulfill this need,

You see I have this dead line im trying to beat
At 26 im baby and man free
I laugh because I feel the need to obtain this popular accessory

I mean being wifey and a mother seems to be the trending thing to me

On a deserted island with less than 10 people to join me
The last of a dieing breed it seems to me

The funny thing is I was supposed to be apart of this trending thing you see
Growing up I was destined to be the wild child, or atleast that what was spoke to me

Church folks are the best paparrazi

What happened to Love thy neighbor as thy self??

Scripture right?

Yea that’s what I thought

But the sad thing is some of them are so green on the inside

Such an ugly sickness

But be careful what you speak to others

I was destined to be the “wild’ one
I should had atleast 3 kids by now
But the ones who spoke the words are reaping the words of their tounge

You see this trending thing that’s going on in our society
The whole baby mama, wifey epidemic can only do one thing
And that’s miss me.

– EccentricJay


“Something Like the Sun”

Sunshine to you means what?
If I asked you to describe it, what would you say?
Oh it’s hot right? It’s big as well but what else is there to it?

Have u ever wondered how something so far away can still function enough to keep us warm in the summer.

Think about it. No really, sit and think about it.

We could never get close to the sun physically without burning

Yet it’s there.

Well, that’s how I feel About you

You’re just close enough for me to feel you
But far enough to physically not be obtainable

Which is a good thing

I put on my “sun” block to keep from being affected by the damage you can And could cause

The “sun” to my world is finally out of orbit.

It’s chilly but I’m happy


Words from EccentricJay

Words from EccentricJay

Chitter chatter
Movement all around
The walking of feet
The honking of cars as they swoosh by
Green leaves
Brown trees
Birds flying freely to the beat of nature
I watch an intense game of chess
The conversation of things unknown
This is what my brown eyes see, no filter but I’m visible to see all that surrounds me
What’s the best way to describe this moment of clarity?
The city!



Words from Eccentric Jay


If you could come up with a version of your prefect kind of guy and a perfect relationship what would yours be?
To me the perfect guy would be first off, a lover of God first and foremost
Chemistry plays a major roll with me, even though I’ve talk to plenty that I had completely no chemistry with.
Once I’ve come across someone who can spark my interest just off feeling alone, I start to the “getting to know you” process. It’s sounds so technical which it is to a certain extent.
Besides chemistry you have to be compatible i.e. morally, personality and things of that nature
I want someone who has goals, dreams and ambitions. Someone who is compassionate and able to express his feeling w/o sounding like and unstable female.
A sense of adventure and growth is always a plus
A sense of family; selflessness, unconditional love; a man who can be a man but who when I need him is also able to be my friend.
Someone I can trust with my inner most feelings and thoughts, hurts and pains.
A person who genuinely can take me as I am and truly mean it. A person who knows that I may have came into the relationship one way but knows that’s I won’t stay that person.
Most of all a man who can fully penetrate who I am and I fully feel free to let him. I would love to let the Berlin Wall crash but its work.
I hope to run into the man of my dreams. I just pray I’m able to recognize him. Im busting at the seems to be able to let go of this M&M shell
Does he exist?