Are Video Games Just “Games” To Kids?

Are Video Games Just “Games” To Kids?

children-video-gameWhenever tragic events happens that involves violence from our youth, the media automatically links the influence of the act to video games. The tragic mass shooting that occurred in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012,  where a gunman opened fire in a crowed movie theater at a midnight showing of The Dark Knight, the gunman told officials, “He felt like he was in a video game” The statement that the gunman made, I could see why it ignited the fuel for the media to run with and make a correlation with videos games to the event that just occurred. I understood then, but witnessing it for myself, I completely understand now.

I was in the grocery store one day, waiting to be checked out and a mother and her daughter stood in front of me in line.Her daughter looked to be at least 4 or 5 years old, very hyper and energetic as any child would be, running up and down and jumping everywhere. The mother and the cashier started a conversation on how cute the little girl was and how she was so hyper. “I don’t know where she gets this from!” said the mother. Both the mother and the cashier shared a friendly laugh. Then the little girl ran up to her mother and said she wanted play a video game when she gets home. I didn’t quite catch what video game she said, but the guy that was bagging her groceries understood, and sparked up a conversation with the mother about the game. The mother told the guy that it’s a video game her daughter and her older brother play together and the guy told the mother how he just purchased the game himself. He then went on and explained on how quite scary and violent it is. The mother then turned to her daughter and said, “Do you like scary stuff?”, the little girl nodded her head “Yes” and said, “I like guns”. The mother and the cashier looked at each and the mother laughed shyly and told her daughter, “Don’t say that”. The little girl then proceeded to form her hand into a gun and pointed at her mother and said, “Bang, bang Mommy!” and the mother grabbed her hand and said “Don’t do that!” and looked and the cashier and shyly laughed again. The little girl said again, “I like guns!” and the second time she said it louder. The only thing  the cashier could do was laugh, so could I, but in shocked way. The mother and her daughter left the store and it was my turn to check out. The cashier didn’t know how to make out of it. As it was my turn to check out, the cashier and the guy that was bagging her groceries knew I was aware of what just occurred. All three of us looked dumb founded and didn’t know whether to laugh or just brush it off. All the guy could say was, “That was…. interesting”.

Just like any movie or television show, all video games have ratings. “E” stands for everyone 6 years and older, “T” is for teenagers 13 years or older, “MA” is for mature audiences 17 years or older and “A” for adults only 18 years and older. So the question is, should there be stricter polices on the purchase of video games? Or should parents take more precautions on what their children are exposed to? Some children cannot always grasp the concept of reality and what is fantasy, so as they get older, their not just games to them anymore. They want to experience and try to see what it would feel like, this would cause them to act upon such violent crimes amongst others. Therefore, in order to stop the violence, we have to stop exposing them to such.

Set The Mood Right This Valentines Day!

Set The Mood Right This Valentines Day!


With Valentines Day just days away, some may be in a panic in trying to plan the perfect day or finding the right gift for your sweetheart, that say’s “I love you”. Here are a couple of things that may help you make this day perfect for you and your valentine:

Tight Budget:

for your man: It’s true what they say, “A way to a mans heart is through his stomach”. A man loves a home cooked meal, especially from his girlfriend/wife. Find out what his favorite meal(s) are and start cooking! This to a man is more valuable than a gift. If you aren’t married, this well defiantly score you a lot of points. He will appreciate the time, effort and love you put into make him a great dinner.

for your girl: Of course, jewelry and nice things will always win a girl’s heart, but it’s the little things that matters the most. Therefore, make a basket filled up of her favorite things (If you’re not that crafty, find a female friend, relative or your mother to help you out). This will show that you actually listen and pay attention to the things she says.


Music can either make the mood right or totally wrong! here are some good songs that can set the mood just right.

for your man:

  1. Aaliyah- At Your Best
  2. Beyoncé- 1+1
  3. Faith Evans- Never Gonna Let You go
  4. Xscape – Am I Dreamin’
  5. Alicia Keys- That’s When I Knew
  6. Nivea- Complicated
  7. Destiny Child- Cater 2 U
  8. SWV- Rain
  9. Beyoncé- Dangerously In Love
  10. Lauren Hill- Sweetest Thing

for your girl:

  1. Trey Songz – One Love
  2. Joe-I Wanna Know
  3. 112- Cupid
  4. Avant- Read Your Mind
  5. Jamie Foxx- Heaven
  6. Babyface – Everytime I Close My Eyes
  7. Miguel- Adorn
  8. Tyrese- Lately
  9. Robin Thicke- Lost Without You
  10. Dru Hill – Beauty


It’s not Valentines Day without chocolate! This best kind of chocolate to get is Godiva, Ghirardelli or Russell Stoven. Godiva is a very rich and smooth chocolate that literally melts in your mouth. Ghirardelli is also very rich and their chocolate’s have delicious varieties in their chocolate fillings. Godiva may run on the expensive side, but it’s worth the money. If don’t want to spend too much on chocolate, Hersey’s always does the trick.

Places To Go:

If you’re a more outgoing and love the outdoors, try a nice boat ride, miniature golf or a nice walk around the park. If you’re a more laid back couple, just do a simple dinner and a movie. If you don’t feel like going out, get creative and set up the bedroom or the living room nice to give it a nice restaurant feel. This way, it’s a bit more intimate and private.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!:

Of course, it’s not Valentines Day without the perfect nightcap. Guys, if you really want to win your lady over, run a nice bubble bath for her after dinner or feel free to join her. Set nice scented candles are the tub and all around the bathroom. Ladies, our men work hard and a nice massage would be perfect for him. Also, one thing to always remember, wrap it up!

Happy Valentines Day from Be.U!

Women Aren’t Complicated, Just Misunderstood…

Women Aren’t Complicated, Just Misunderstood…

Complicated (adj.) 1. consisting of parts intricately combined 2. difficult to analyze or explain.

Sentence : ” Some men think that  most women are complicated.”

As human beings, we’re broken down into different species – men and women. Within each species, there are things that are instilled within each to differentiate them into their own. This is called nature. Our nature affects how we interact others, how we handle situations, and the way we live on the day-to-day basics. It also affects our mental, physical and emotional state. It is within a women’s nature to nurture, care deeply for others and to be more in tune with their emotions. For men, it is within their nature to be strong, tough and to be able to provide for the ones whom he cares for. Unlike women, men are not always likely to respond to situations solely off of their emotions because it’s not within their nature  to do so, so their initial response is to react mentally. In a relationship between these two species, this is where conflict may occur.

A man will see a woman as “complicated” due to his nature to not fully comprehend the complexity of a women and her nature. Therefore, the main contribution to the confusion is a man lacking the understanding on how to respond. What makes up the complexity of a woman is her ability of knowing things, which is called a woman’s intuition. This intuition is like a sixth sense of some sort and gives women the ability to sense if something is right or wrong. This intuition could also be a  sense of protection because woman are more vulnerable to be hurt or fooled because of their loving and caring nature. Since some men may not understand this, some women may be seen as “crazy” in a mans perspective, when in reality, it’s a woman’s source of protection.  Another reason why some men may also feel that women are complicated, is the fact that some women cannot express want they really want from a man. Generally speaking, every woman wants a sense of security, love, trust and happiness from a man. The main question a man needs to ask himself is, “Can I provide this for her?” If so, her desires are not hard to be met.

Overall, the key to understanding women and removing the complications that may come with being in a relationship, lays in a mans hands. A man has to have the willingness and urge for wanting to gain understanding. He also has to have an open mind with wanting to expand his knowledge on a woman’s world and her views of the world from her mental, physical and emotional stand point. For a man who doesn’t take this approach, may find himself confused and to believe that the woman has the issue. In some cases, this may be true. However, this will lead a man to think that women are complicated, when in actually, just misunderstood.

Let’s Get Ready to Rummbbleee! [Super Bowl XLVII]

Let’s Get Ready to Rummbbleee! [Super Bowl XLVII]


Its time to bring out the grills, its Super Bowl time! This year, the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers will go head to head in becoming the Super Bowl XLVII champions. The two teams have played a very good game this season which will make for a very good game. What’s very interesting about this game, is that the coaches for each team are brothers, John and Jim Harbaugh (talk about sibling rivalry) But, however the game goes, congratulations goes to both teams who played well and worked hard to make it this far. Who do you think will win?

The game will be aired at 6:30 (ET) and you can also watch it live at

Is The ‘Rap Game’ Getting Out of Hand? [Chris Vs. Ocean + Rick Ross]

Is The ‘Rap Game’ Getting Out of Hand? [Chris Vs. Ocean + Rick Ross]

1359379579_chris-brown-frank-ocean-lgSo I am pretty sure that everyone in world is aware of Chris Brown and Frank Oceans’ little “scuffle” that recently took place [shocking]. This is not the only altercation that Brown and Frank have been involved in. These two have been at it since the beginning of Oceans career from arguing back and forth via Twitter, why? Who knows. But what we do know is that this is nothing but high school-my-lyrics-are-better-than-yours-male-echo drama. You would think that they would have better things to do with their time beside going back and forth with one another on Twitter and fighting over a parking space. Yes, a parking space. The physical altercation took place outside of a recording studio, assuming the two pulled up at the same time, words were exchanged and then blows were thrown. I would have loved to know exactly what was said before they fought. In addition, I feel like there is more brewing between these two and there is a deeper meaning behind their dislike for one another. Either way it goes, it’s just plain out ridiculous and both need a bit more of maturity under their belt. I am more of a fan for Frank Ocean for more than I am for Chris Brown due to the fact that Franks’ lyrics have more depth, in contrast to Chris which are just written to the beat. So if the beef is between their song written skills? Hands down, Frank Ocean has won that fight. In other words, I really hope these two find a common ground and agree to disagree before it gets out of hand.

untitled (5) On a more serious matter, Rick Ross aka “Mr. Rozay”, was allegedly a target of a drive- by shooting on Las Olas Boulevard in Fresno, CA. Luckily, Ross as well as his girlfriend who was with him at the time of the incident, walked away shaken, but no serious injuries was done. If this situation sounds familiar, you are right. It happened years ago (in California as well) to a well-known rapper by the name of Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace. He was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting at a stop light leaving a party at a local club. Unfortunately, this case still reminds unsolved and his death still leave sadness to those who grow up listening to his music as well as to those in the music industry. It’s a freighting thought how the two are similar to each other, but one was spared a chance to change. Hopefully, this is a wake up called for Mr. Rozay.

This rap game has to change.

Change: Celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

Change: Celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

untitled (3)Today, we celebrate the life of a great leader and a great man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia but was later shot and killed on April 4, 1968. He was the son of Alberta Williams King and Martin Luther King, Sr..Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. was the leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement who were fighting for the blacks to have equal rights. Dr. King and his team held marches from Selma to Alabama, fighting the good fight for respect, freedom and the rights of his people. The NAACP known leaders of today, Jessie Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton, were also by his side during this movement. Sadly, the marches did not get a good response from the white communities and the marches usually ended up very violently. On March 7, 1965, known as “Bloody Sunday”, was their first march where 600 civil rights leaders and marchers were beaten, sprayed with water hoes and tear gassed by police  and some were killed –  but that didn’t stop them. Even when Dr. King was arrested, he didn’t lose his faith and he didn’t give up. They continued their marches with hope that things would change. That was his mission – change. The change that whites and blacks could come together and be one and not to be seen as two different races. The change that blacks would start being treated as human beings and not dogs. The change that the senseless killings of his people would end. The change for no more segregation. The change for equal rights. Dr. King is also known for his moving speech on August 28, 1983, called ,“I Have a Dream”, which still lives on to this day and miraculously, his dreams have came true. Today, there’s no more segregation, less hatred, more respect and freedom. There’s no more “white’s only” signs outside of dinners, schools are no longer segregated and most importantly we have the right to vote. All because of one man, who fought and died for change.







untitled (4)

“If you can’t fly, then run

If you can’t run, then walk

If you can’t walk, then crawl

but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward”

-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Make a statement with your outfit with this years Spring colors! [Mens & Women]

Make a statement with your outfit with this years Spring colors! [Mens & Women]

It’s time that of the year again, Spring is here! And that means spring cleaning, out with the old in with the new. To help bring life into your closet this season, here are the Spring 2013 colors for men and women.

PANTONE_SPRING_2013_MENMen: (above) It’s time to throw “swag” out the window this year and jump into style and class. You can still keep it, cheap and simple with these colors. Also, these colors are not hard to find and you probably have them already in your closet. Just like the ladies, guys can accessories as well, if you do it properly. If have a more laid back style, plain V-neck tee’s in these colors would  match up well with Khakis, nice sneakers or loafers. If your that dress to impress kind of guy, you can find a dark color blazer from the color choices and match it up with a button up or to dress it down a bit with a plain Tee.

untitled (2)Women: (above) These colors are your typical bright spring/summer colors with just a little flair. These colors are easy to accessories with and can turn a dull outfit, to a trendy one. You can add a splash of color with a nice pair of shoes, since shoes is the statement to your outfit these year. Also, jeans in these colors will make a bold statement too. Who said these color only pertain to clothes? Make a statement with you nails as well.