Finding Your Purpose In Life: What are You “Craving?”

Finding Your Purpose In Life: What are You “Craving?”

IMG_0038We are all placed on this earth of a reason..but what is that reason? Some people struggle with what their reason is and what is their purpose in life.  Along the way to discovery, we may sometimes compare our lives to other people and think we are suppose to be where they are, living how they’re living, and doing what they’re are doing. As hard of a pill it may seem to swallow, we are not all meant to go down the same path. We have to discover our own destiny. Our own story. Our own purpose. So we pack up our motivation, strength and determination in a backpack and travel on  down the road. Destination – finding your purpose. But once, we think we reached our destination, how do we know that this where we are suppose to be? How do figure our whether this truly is our purpose in life? It’s a sense of fulfillment. The same fullness and sanctification you feel after a big Thanksgiving dinner. The fullness and satisfaction you feel after haven’t ate all day, and finally getting a full meal. That’s when we are have found our purpose in life. The same way we crave for food to nourish our bodies it’s the same way we crave a purpose to nourish our life. So how do you find out what you are “craving”?

There is a difference between “what you like to do” and “what your good at”.We live in a big world with some many opportunities available so we have to go through the process of elimination of what we like to do and what we are good at. Sometimes when we like to do something, we don’t necessarily see it as something we see ourselves doing for the rest of our lives. Usually something we like to do is a hobby or “side hustle” as some would say. When you are good at something, it’s a natural born gift that has been instilled in you. It’s what make you, you. Just like we have foods we like to eat and we have foods we love to eat.

Once you found a sense of direction of the path you would like to go on, it’s time to explore. Just like food, once you see that your good at cooking something, you want to find different recipes for that specific kind of food. The same as finding our purpose. Once we have a sense of what we want to do with our lives, it’s time to branch out and explore. If you have a personality quality about you that your good at such a being a good listener or great at giving advice, take into consideration of being a counselor or research different mentoring programs working with the youth. If you have a gift of arts and crafts, consider branding yourself and opening up your own business and selling the items you make. 

The road is not easy and you may loose yourself in the process of finding your purpose so don’t loose sight of what you know you are meant to do. You may get discouraged and feel like it’s not worth it but through every struggle comes glory. You may not like all the food you eat, but just because you had one bad dish, doesn’t mean you going to stop eating.

Bon Appetite!